Highlight Photos from our Tour of Maryhurst



In 2015, a group of ladies from the Persimmon Ridge Ladies Golf Association took a tour of the Maryhurst facilities. We wanted to share our observations and heartfelt feelings about the experience:


Seven women from the PRLGA toured Maryhurst, the beneficiary of our ladies golf tournament, Beauties vs. the Beast. We were hosted by Maryhurst President, Judy Lambeth, along with some of her key staff.  A couple of hours literally flew by as we were totally captivated by the story, the facilities, the staff and definitely our tour guide. She is one of the residents of Maryhurst. She is 15 years old and has been in and out of foster homes her whole life. She has only been at Maryhurst for a few months, but she is extremely articulate and her presence, intelligence and willingness to share belie what she must have gone through in her lifetime.  She is a testament to the culture of Maryhurst that their programs, staff members, services, philosophies and environment are working wonders.


The residents of Maryhurst are the most neglected and abused children, primarily teenaged girls, who typically have been in and out of foster care and have nowhere else to go. The campus, in a very tranquil setting on Dorsey Lane, houses a maximum of 68 girls, and there is a waiting list. There are living cottages, health and wellness facilities, art rooms, game rooms, classrooms, gardens, walking paths, a library, a store, a gym, medical facilities, and more. We were able to tour the newest living cottage getting ready to open called Madeline’s Cottage, in honor of Madelyn Abramson. It is beautifully decorated in calming colors, with functional furniture and very fun décor. Each girl will have her own room in that facility. It includes a kitchen and laundry where girls learn everyday life skills. There are storage closets for each girl, a game room, and a place where the residents can meet privately with counselors or relatives.


The culture is one of love, warmth, and serenity. While dealing with some of the most difficult behavioral problems, the staff deals with them positively rather than punitively. The success they have achieved is seen in the faces of the young girls in their care. Judy Lambeth has been with the organization for over 40 years. Many of the girls hugged her when they saw her. She is clearly the driving force behind the success of Maryhurst.


Maryhurst has been around since 1843, and moved to its present location in 1976. Their residential services are supplemented by two off-campus group homes for transitional care and support, and foster care placements. The residents are all wards of the state, which provides funding that covers about 80% of the operating budget. The remainder comes from donations and fund raising efforts. They recently launched a $10 million fund raising campaign for capital improvements and building the endowment.


All of us were touched by what we saw at Maryhurst that day. It is so heartening to see such great success with the most fragile girls in our community. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO TAKE A TOUR, TOO. They invite the public to a monthly "MEET & GREET" to learn more about Maryhurst's mission and girls. RSVP HERE.